Saturday, December 13, 2014



We need a revival of Pentecostal power that will set a fire burning in the heart of every believer………a fire that will create a passion and a vision for lost and dying souls that are headed for hell.

Jesus said: The harvest is great but the laborers are few; pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest that he would send forth laborers into his harvest….

I want to be one of those laborers that step into the arena of this wicked world and pluck souls from the edge of eternity.

          -Once I led a man to the Lord who had been dead 5 minutes before
          -Once I gave the Gospel to Elvis Presley…

-For some people it is too late. Yesterday you could have reached them, but today, it is too late.

You know what would keep our young people in church, and on fire for God… Let them get a vision for the Lost… and become fearless witnesses for Christ.
We need a Pentecostal revival that will shake up teenagers, young people… and turn them into fire-brands for Christ… I know young people who have sold out to the Lord, been filled with the Holy Ghost and become powerful witnesses for the Lord

But…all some young people care about is knowing how to use two hands to send text messages, how to set up a Facebook page, but they never give a thought about how to lead a soul to Christ.

What if you had 5 minutes to tell a dying friend how to get saved… Would you know what to say?

We need a Pentecostal revival that will stir not only young people, but middle aged people… and older people and make them powerful, Holy Ghost anointed witnesses and soul winners…
You bear his name… do you carry his flame?

His passion was for souls…. He gave up everything to win souls… even his own life.
What would you give up to win a soul? What have you ever done to win a soul?  How can any Christian feel right in their relationship with the Lord and have no interest in taking the Good News of the Gospel to some lost person?

On one ministry journey… we met a young Muslim man in a restaurant and had opportunity to give him the Gospel…

Brothers and sisters…. We have been commissioned…In John 20:21 Jesus said:  “As my father hath sent me, even so send I you. Mark 16:15  sends us: Go ye into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature.

No believer is exempt from the great commission.

("All the world???"  If that bothers you, how about one square mile around your house? Would you do that?)

Have you heard his voice calling…. Like Isaiah:  Also I heard the voice of the Lord saying, Whom shall I send and who will go for us. Then said I, here am I, send me.

He did not send us without necessary power.

Acts 1:8  “Ye shall receive power after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you and ye shall be witnesses unto me, both in Jerusalem, and in all Judea, and in Samaria, and unto the uttermost part of the earth.”

The power of Pentecost includes the power to witness and win the lost.
If you have received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and you are not a witness for Christ you are missing something.

My heart longs to reach souls for the Lord. It all started when the Lord saved me at ten, and then baptized me with His Spirit.

God gave me a burden for souls, and I don’t think that should be so unusual. I think it should be an integral part of every Christian’s life….


        General William Booth, founder of the Salvation Army, declared:

 “Go find the worst ones, bring them to church…bring the drunks…bring the prostitutes…Bring the addicts…and let them hear the Gospel and get saved.”

Pentecostal power will give you a vision, a burden, a concern for the unsaved. Real revival has always resulted in souls being saved.
Genuine revival in our heart will make us soul winners.


In case you wondered about my witness to Elvis Presley, allow me to explain. It was in a unique restaurant where we were invited by a friend. It displayed abundant Elvis Presley memorabilia including a life-sized standup cardboard cutout of this man of worldly fame. I took advantage of the moment and stood in front of “him” holding out my open Bible and began to openly give “him” the gospel message. He never moved. He did not blink an eyelid. He gave no response, for he could not. Elvis Presley was dead. It was too late for him to hear the message of salvation. Tomorrow it will also be too late for many others to receive the glorious gift of salvation. Let us take Christ the Living Hope to others around us while there is still time!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014



WAS THE HIGHLIGHT... Aldi’s, in a parking lot, at a women’s fitness center, and in a bread store. Don’t miss the bread store account!!!

10:30 a.m.   At Aldi’s grocery store buying items for our church Christmas basket give-aways. A neat, tall young man served me at the checkout.  From my well-supplied purse I pulled out the Jesus Story---in 16 languages on DVD.  “Merry Christmas,” I told him with a smile. “Here is a special gift for you…the Christmas Story for you to enjoy.”  He smiled back and took it seeming very happy to get it.

10:40 a.m.   Outside Aldi’s…pushing cart to unload groceries at my car. I headed back to return my cart and get my quarter back when I saw an Oriental looking lady leaving her car.

 “Hi! Are you going to Aldi’s?”
“Would you like a cart?”
“Oh, I don’t want one. I don’t have the quarter.”
“No… I want you to have mine. Then you can collect the quarter for yourself when you are finished.”
Smiling and walking toward me. “Thank you very much!”
I began to leave but then called back to her. “Wait a minute! I have something for you. It’s the Christmas Story. Merry Christmas! It is in Mandarin and Cantonese, as well as English and other languages.”
She was surprised and readily received the DVD.


10:50 a.m.  And now, as old as I am… I still have been going to a ladies fitness center for exercise as often as I can, so I don’t wind up stiff, and disabled. Bodily exercise does profit at least a little! 

And it was there as I was making the rounds of the exercise circuit that I felt the Lord talk to me about a certain lady there. She has some learning disability, but is so faithful to exercise and show friendliness to everyone.

I told her I had something for her when I was through and then gave her the Jesus Story DVD explaining that it was in 16 languages so she could listen to all of them if she wanted to. 

She was so excited that she went around to every lady in the place and showed them the DVD with the large word on the front, “JESUS,” exclaiming her thrill at getting it. Each lady looked at it and made friendly comments.

Aha!!! This dear soul---unknown to her--- was actually opening the way for me!  Next week I will bring enough of the DVD’s to give to each of them as Christmas gifts!!!  Thousands of people have been saved as they see who Jesus really is. May many more find Him this Christmas Season.

11:15 a.m.  Then… came the part of my morning that thrilled me the most. We get really good bread from a day-old bread store. Delicious rye with caraway seeds… favorite, then Cinnabon thick, sweet, cinnamon bread, and little cherry and peach pies…all at low prices! (No, I’m not on a diet!)

A lovely lady waited on me at the counter and, you guessed it, I pulled out one more Jesus DVD and gave it to her as a gift. She was elated and said she had been listening to the Christmas story on her radio as she drove to work in the mornings. 

The conversation led to her enjoyment of certain Christian radio programs so I asked her, 
“How did you become a Christian?” Her answer surprised me.

“Well, I’m getting there. I’m almost there. I feel like ‘I’m getting closer. Maybe God sent you here.”


That’s what happens when a witness and soul winner sees a tremendous door of opportunity open up before them! I knew immediately that God had sent me to this store for this very moment.

“What are you waiting for?”

“I don’t know,” she replied as and earnestness swept over her face.

“How much longer do you think you should wait?  Just look around you. Daily news points to the soon coming of Jesus. Now is the time to settle things with God.”

“I know it,” she whispered, staring intently at me and tears forming in her eyes.

I was so glad no one else was in the store at that moment as the Lord helped me to pull this dear lady to the point of decision. 

“Why should you wait one more day? Or even one more hour? Why don’t you make that commitment to the Lord right now? I’ll pray for you.”

And without another word to her I simply began to pray, using her name. “Dear Lord, reach down your hand to my friend right now and draw her to salvation. Help her to turn to you with all of her heart right now. In Jesus’ Name, I pray.”

She was wiping her eyes. “I’m crying,” she sought to apologize.
“Wonderful! God is reaching down to you right now. Did you pray with me?”
“Yes, I did.”
“Did you mean it with all your heart?”
“Yes I did. God sent you. I can’t believe this is happening. Thank you. God was in this. He sent you to me.”

It’s hard to close a blog like this in any other way than to say, “Thank you, Jesus, for what you did today, for each one who received a salvation message, and for this friend who gave her life to you today.”

“O Lord, thou art my God. I will exalt thee. I will praise thy name; for thou has done wonderful things…” 
Isaiah 25:1


Monday, November 17, 2014


Go ye into all the world...even in your own neighborhood. Your neighborhood or town may now look like "all the world," for that world has now come to your country.

The Walmart cashier, the banker, the patients in the doctor's office, neighbors walking down the street, pushing a grocery cart through the parking lot...wearing a colorful head scarf or veil on the women, robe and skull cap on the men..

Ours is now a different world that
we must reach for Christ.

It has been my desire to tell the Good News of the Gospel to this increasingly growing population. Jesus shed His precious blood for every Muslim and it is His will that they be saved. He is not willing that any should perish. 

Although I have witnessed to many different kinds of people through the years I have felt somewhat intimidated about speaking to Muslims. Only recently have I seen so many in the places I frequent, and have felt compelled to reach them. However, I wasn't sure I knew how. I was fearful of approaching them wrongly. 


1. Begin to simply show friendliness to a Muslim, even without trying to witness.
2. Break down the barrier by simply talking to them. Get more comfortable approaching a Muslim, even to simply talk about everyday things.

The Lord let this happen several times recently.
a. Muslim man working in Walmart.

I asked him where I could find a certain product and he led the way to the shelf where it was.  I thanked him. “Thank you very much.” He immediately noticed items on the shelf that didn’t belong there and said, “I do this all day long. People decide they don’t want an item and just leave it wherever they are. All day long I walk these aisles and put things back on correct shelves.” He just kept talking and I did too. “That sure makes a lot of work for you. Thanks…Look at how important you are. We would never find things without your help!” The conversation actually continued for several minutes. 


 b. A Muslim lady in Muslim garb pushing a half filled cart in Walmart.

She stopped in the aisle where I was shopping. 
I smiled at her and said, “There are so many choices!”  She agreed and talked about the products. 

“Are you a Muslim?” I asked. 
“Yes” she said, smiling.
“This is your Ramadan time, isn’t it?” I asked
“Yes it is.” She replied. 
 I continued, “Will you be serving something later tonight?”
“Yes, that’s what I’m shopping for.” 
“What do you think you will prepare?”
“I think, chicken sandwiches and salad.”
It was an easy, friendly conversation that she readily participated in. We parted as I said, “Happy Ramadan.” She responded positively and we went our separate ways.

It is terrible that I have felt so hesitant to approach one. Yet, it is not hard at all. 

Then, came two more opportunities that took me a step further and thrilled me.

Early in this morning I was praying about the harvest field around us…so many Spanish speaking people, and so many Muslims. I asked the Lord to help me to reach into this field for Him. Bob and I are both trying (not hard enough) to learn some conversational Spanish and I prayed that we would come across people we could witness to.  I especially prayed for just the right setting to speak to a Muslim.  It couldn’t be in a passing moment. It needed to be where I might be sitting with them. And as I prayed I envisioned (in my mind) two Muslim women seated near me.

By late that afternoon that picture had drifted from my mind as we entered a doctor’s waiting room and sat down.

Bob went into the office with the doctor and I stayed in the waiting area.

Two women entered, perhaps a mother, and daughter in her forties, dressed normally and sat together one seat away from me.

As I read my Spanish course book, I overheard them speaking a different language. It was too soft for me to make out, but included sounds that did not seem to be Spanish. Eventually I looked over at them and we exchanged smiles.

I asked, ”What language were you speaking?”

“Farsi,” the one replied.

I was shocked and amazed that here were two women speaking Farsi, the language of the Middle East, and were probably Muslims. I expressed happy surprise to them that I was hearing Farsi, and then asked the key question:

“Are you Muslims?”
“Yes.” The one replied with a smile.
“And this is your Ramadan!”
Just learning to speak about Ramadan, I asked, “How is it going?” Her reply caught me off guard, because I certainly wasn’t trying to make her think I was ‘checking up’ on her fasting faithfulness.
She said, “Well I haven’t fasted yet…” and explained “there are three days that we must fast…” and she seemed to imply that perhaps her health didn’t allow the complete time of fasting.
I quickly moved from the fasting to…. “But even when you do fast, you eat something later in the day?”
It was her chance to explain the hours for fasting, and then for eating later. I was concerned that my time was running out and she might get called into the doctor’s office so I moved forward.
“It was so nice to hear you speak Farsi. You may be surprised, but I think I have something in Farsi.” 

With that I reached into my purse and pulled out the JESUS DVD and turned it over showing them the language list that included Farsi.
I could tell they were indeed surprised and inquisitive.

“I want to give it to you as a gift.” I announced, handing it to the one lady.
Then turning it over to reveal the large print "JESUS", I said, “It is about Jesus, one of the prophets in your Koran.
It is a wonderful story of his life. You will like it…and you can watch it in the Farsi language.
“Yes! Jesus….Oh, thank you! That is so kind of you…”
The older lady didn’t seem to understand much English, and the younger seemed very appreciative and thankful to receive it.
Bob came out and it was time to leave, but I introduced Bob to them. The one lady reached out her hand to me inquiring, “And what is your name?”   I told her “Claire” and she again said “Thank you so much” with genuine looks of acceptance as we left.
I wanted to jump, shout, and holler “Praise the Lord!”I finally was seeing the wall break down!

But the day wasn’t over yet.

At a Chinese Buffet, I gave the JESUS DVD to our young waitress who could hardly even speak enough English to tell me how long she had worked there. She didn’t even understand when I asked her what language she spoke. So I took out the DVD and pointed to Cantonese…. No, she didn’t speak that. And then to Mandarin..and her eyes lit up. That was it, and she gladly took it.

We then headed to the bank so I could order more checks. Bob was driving so he just dropped me off and I went in, waited awhile for customer service, until a young man about thirty approached to help me. We took care of business, and I could tell by his appearance that he might be from the Middle East.
At the opportunity I asked him, “Where are you from?”“Well, I happen to be from Persia.” (Persia is Iran)
Again, I felt the excitement of the Spirit urging me on, and asked, “Are you a Muslim.”
“Yes, I was when I came.”  (Later, I thought about that answer and wondered what it really meant.)
“So do you speak Farsi?” I inquired.
“Yes, I do.”
Smiling, I asked if he would speak to me in Farsi and he gladly did so.

At this I told him that I think I have something in Farsi…and began pulling out the JESUS DVD and showed him the back with the language list including Farsi.
“Please accept it as a gift. It is a movie about the prophet Jesus that the Koran tells about. You will enjoy it, especially in Farsi.”
It was my delight to see him receive it with appreciation.


This may not seem to be much to you if you are already witnessing freely to Muslims, but is a new spurt forward for me.  Please share your own witnessing experience in comments below. And here's an old song that echoes my heart:


I want to be a soul winner for Jesus every day;

He does so much for me;
I want to aid the lost sinner to leave his erring way,
And be from bondage free.

A soul (winner for Jesus) winner for Jesus (Christ the Lord),
A soul (winner for Jesus) winner for Jesus (Christ the Lord),
Oh let me be each day;
A soul (winner for Jesus) winner for Jesus (Christ the Lord),
A soul (winner for Jesus) winner for Jesus (Christ the Lord),
He's done so much for me.
I want to be a soul winner till Jesus calls for me,
To lay my burdens down,
I want to hear Him say, "Servant, you've gathered many sheaves,
Receive a starry crown."

I want to be a soul winner and bring the lost to Christ
That they His grace may know;
I want to live for Christ ever, and do His blessed will
Because He loves me so.

Thursday, June 26, 2014


Four men in white stood around empty massage chairs waiting for "customers" in the mall. 

As soon as my husband and I even looked their way they began motioning us to come to the chairs. We weren't quite ready for that!

Instead we walked over to them and asked what language they spoke. Whatever their answer was, we could not understand them. They appeared to be Oriental. Further communication seemed impossible.

Then I took out a Jesus DVD that is used to win souls around the world. I turned it over to show the many languages the film could be seen in. I pointed to Chinese, Taiwanese, Japanese, Korean, and more, speaking the names of the languages and asking if they spoke any of them.

All 4 came around to look and excitedly pointed to Cantonese. 

I grabbed 3 more DVD's and handed one to each, saying "Happy Birthday". They seemed thrilled, smiling and talking rapidly to each other, even though they could not speak English to me.

An amazing thing happens at the end of the Jesus film. After the story of the whole life, death, and resurrection of Jesus, an “altar call” is given with an invitation to pray and receive Jesus as your own Savior. May God draw these men to receive this wonderful Savior Jesus as their own.

Going to malls to witness is one of the easiest ways to find people who need the Lord. They are everywhere, all kinds, from all over the world. The key is to pray for the Lord to lead you.

In just a short time I had gone to Israel and China! I was blessed at the opportunity with these four Chinese men, since I had just experienced two rejections. I had spoken with a young man and a young lady, working at two different kiosks in the mall. Both were from Israel and spoke Hebrew and limited English.

I was able to introduce Jesus who walked through the streets and villages of Israel, even attempting to mention the Messiah. However, they were kind, but refused my tracts. I prayed that the Spirit of God would remind them of even the little I was able to say to them. Seeds were planted that the Lord can water.

We don’t witness to every person we see. Neither do we give tracts to every person we pass. The security guards would soon move us on if we did that. Yet in the midst of that swarming mass of humanity are individuals with problems and certainly in need of the Gospel.

After strolling through the mall for awhile, just looking and praying, I felt led to take a seat in an area where a Muslim appearing woman, child and 10 yr old daughter were relaxing.  Soon I smiled at the little one and tried to get a response from her. Soon the mother was telling me about her and a conversation got started. 

We chatted about children and eventually I smiled and told her I wanted to give them a special gift. Their eyes opened wide. I asked if they spoke another language besides English…. Guess what….ARABIC!!  I was thrilled to hand them the Jesus DVD that had Arabic as the first language on the list!!! They were appreciative and waving as we left. Dear Lord.... may the message reach into their hearts!

I walked past the Chick-Fil-A in the food court and noticed the girl at the counter. I began to chat and learned she was a Filipino. Soon I was able to give her one of the DVD's. Passing by an Oriental Food place I accepted a sample piece of Orange Chicken from a nice Chinese lady. It was very tasty! I thanked her and offered her a gift of a Jesus DVD that included the Cantonese (Chinese) language. She couldn't believe i was giving it away and was happy to know her language was on it. I was also able to leave one with the other worker. 

We walked further and stopped to sit at a table just “waiting” and “watching.” 

Bob noticed a lady all by herself a bit away from us. We were just drawn to her and waited our time until she got up to leave. 

I smiled at her as I reached for a DVD, and she slowed down and smiled back. I signaled to her to wait and I went to her and told her we noticed her enjoying her pizza. That got the conversation started. 

She was sad and said she had just come from burying her beloved dog and came here to just be quiet. 

It was a wide open door and we stepped in with the comfort of Jesus who cares about her and wants to be her best friend. We were able to show her that just knowing about Jesus wouldn't get her to heaven.  Even the devils know all about Him, and they aren't going to heaven. She agreed with a smile and seemed very interested in continuing the conversation. I told her how she could be saved. 

After she shared some things from her recent past I felt I needed to tell her that when Jesus becomes your Savior and Lord He will take you away from sin. If you give your life to Him you will have power to live a different life. 

It was amazing, as I began to quote a scripture, to hear her quote it with me.."If any man be in Christ he is a new creature; old things are passed away, behold all things are made new." 

She told me she would go home and watch the Jesus DVD WITH HER MOTHER tonight and would pray to be saved at the end. Praise the Lord!

Lord, only you know what will come of the seeds we planted today. Our longing is for much fruit to grow as the Holy Spirit waters those seeds, and perhaps sends another Christian along to do some additional watering. Maybe that will be you!


Some are from Go! Evangelism. They have one tract message with four different covers. It is a great presentation of the gospel and how to get saved. Each tract costs less than a candy bar and can bring eternal life to a lost soul.

You can see the four covers and inside the tract here:

I also use the Million Dollar Gospel Tract from 

It is rare that anyone rejects this tract. Most people smile and receive it happily.

Then, there is another tool that we have learned to use effectively for the Lord. Some time ago a friend blessed us with a supply of the Jesus Film DVD that is a tremendous tool for evangelism world-wide, and now--especially in the “mission field” that has come to the shores of America. 

This tool is used by missionaries all over the world to introduce unreached millions to Jesus.

Every eight seconds, somewhere in the world, another person indicates a decision to follow Christ after watching the "JESUS" film.

Whatever tools you use.... GO and take the Gospel into a harvest field that is waiting for YOU.

Friday, June 20, 2014


I recently received this "FIRED-UP" inspiring letter from a pastor's wife in Oklahoma and thought it would bless and 'FIRE UP" all my readers. I encourage you to make comments at the end.  As you read it, note how the Lord has stirred her up to witness and let the same Lord "FIRE UP" your heart to go out and reach souls for Him. Here goes....

Sis. Goodwin,

I just recently purchased your book *Compelled To Tell*.  I couldn't stop reading it. I cried many times throughout the book and had to call my twin sister in GA to tell her about it. 
What an amazing testimony you have. I am going to be buying both the hard copy of *Compelled To Tell* and also your other book *Reach Them One By One*.

My husband and I pastored Hale Station Pentecostal church and we knocked on almost every door in our neighborhood of the church inviting them to the church.  However, recently God has placed a huge burden upon me to go out there and compel them to come in.

I am ashamed that I haven't done more of it in my Christian life, but praise God for a God of second chances.  

I recently have been purchasing chick tracts and tracts from Living Water Ministries and also tracts by Mark Cahill.  I have been handing them out to random people, I've been placing some tracts that look like credit cards into the credit card slot at gas stations.  God has really been helping me to work up more courage to witness.  

Ashamedly, it's not something I learned by seeing others do but it's something God has put in my heart to do. It is commanded in the bible to go out to the hedges and compel them to come in.  
I have done jail ministry now for almost 3 years with some other church ladies.  We go every other Wednesday to the local jail here and minister.  However, witnessing in town, passing out tracts, or door knocking hasn't been something I've done much of.  But I feel like God is speaking to my heart about this so strong.  I know once I start doing it faithful maybe others will see the need to do it as well.  

Outreach like this is something I see a great need for in our holiness churches. I credit the conviction of The Lord, and your example and books, for helping me see my need to do this.  I've watched some videos of Mark Cahill and have purchased all of his books.  It has helped me to see my need to reach the lost.

I just wanted to write you and to tell you how much of an encouragement you've been to me.  I haven't ever personally met you, but I feel like I've known you all my life.  We used to pastor Sarah (Hollinghead) Burgess and she told me your class was her favorite at FGBI.  :-) You will receive so many crowns when you get to heaven!  I am only 33 but I know God is going to pass that baton to younger women like me from the older godly women like you!!! Please say a prayer for me if you will. 

My husband and I pastor Landmark Holiness Church here in Sallisaw, OK and we have 5 children.  It will be a challenge, but God is greater than our problems and big enough to equip us to reach the lost.

If y'all are ever in our area, please stop by and see us.  We have Tuesday night service and maybe soon will start having Saturday service as well.  We have Sunday at 10 Sunday night at 6 and Tueaday at 7. We would love to have y'all!!!

May The Lord continue to use you for His glory and may the Lord bless and encourage you as you have me.

I love and appreciate you!!

-Sis. Melinda McDaniel


Wednesday, April 9, 2014


During the preaching on Sunday I was actually hearing two voices. 
I was intensely listening to the pastor, but at the same time the Lord was preaching to me. That fire of evangelism began to rise higher inside my spirit, until I felt I would burst. 

At the altar I prayed earnestly for souls, and for more opportunities to witness and reach the lost. I returned to my seat at the same time my husband did and he looked at me and said, "Let's put everything aside on Monday and just go door to door for the Lord."  Yes! Yes! I hadn't said anything to him about what was going on inside, but God did. I was ready!

We packed some baggies with tracts, church invitations and more, stapled rubber bands on the bags so we could hang them on doorknobs if no one was home, and headed out. It was great walking that street, knocking on those doors, giving the Gospel, and planting seeds for the Lord to water.

Luke 14 tells of a man who provided a great supper and invited many guests who all made excuses for not being able to come. The Master was angry! He was angry at empty seats. He wanted them filled. If those special invited guests won't come, then go out and invite the sick, the poor, the needy.

"Go out quickly into the streets and lanes of the city, and bring in hither the poor, and the maimed, and the halt, and the blind."

He wanted the seats filled for this great feast. The servants went, but even all those guests weren't enough to fill all the empty seats. There was still room for more. So the Master sent them out further.

"Go out into the highways and hedges, and compel them to come in, that my house may be filled."

Jesus has prepared the great feast of SALVATION and invited all to come to receive it. He wants his seats filled...He says to us "Go and get them." "Bring them to my feast." "If some won't come, go get others, but don't stop going. I want those seats filled."

Think about this when you see empty seats in your church. It is good to pray "Lord bring the people in" but He says to us, "Go out into the highways and hedges, and compel them to come in, that my house may be filled."

Have you tried it? Why not? Don't say you are not able, or you are too shy. You just need to pray through and get the anointing of the Holy Spirit on your life. He will motivate you and give you boldness and courage. "Ye shall receive power after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you and ye shall be witnesses unto me..."

Will you go through another whole week without witnessing to one person, without giving out even one gospel tract?  Just think of it. 168 hours and no time to obey Christ's Great Commission? Go ye into all the world...into all your neighborhood at least...and preach the Gospel to every creature.

Rise up O man of God, O woman of God, and be the man, and woman, God wants you to be. The Lord has promised: Psalm 126:6 He that goeth forth and weepeth, bearing precious seed, shall doubtless come again with rejoicing, bringing his sheaves with him.

Saturday, March 15, 2014


Dr. Rader went to visit a prominent businessman to speak to him about his soul.  The man cursed him violently and threw Dr. Rader out of his office.

The next day, Paul was guided to return and visit the same man again.  

As Paul called for a second appointment, he found that the man was not in.  He traced him to a golf course.

Paul Rader tramped over much of the course without a club or caddie.   After searching unsuccessfully for some time, he began to feel foolish. 

Finally, he saw the belligerent businessman on a distant green.

Paul bowed his head to pray for wisdom before pursuing the man.

Suddenly, he heard a voice.  The man had spotted him and was yelling.

“Paul Rader, what are you doing here?”

Paul fumbled for words. “I, uh, I…I got your telegram.”                   

“You didn’t get my telegram,” the man shouted.  “I destroyed it!”

Paul replied, “I…I mean the one God sent me.”

Incredulously, the man answered, “God must have sent it, because I’ve gone through hell this past night, and I promised God that I would get right with Him if He would send you after me once more.” The businessman handed his clubs to his partner. 

By this time, of course, Paul stood beside him.  He knelt on that golf course green and there, led by Paul, became a “new creature in Christ.”

The man stood to his feet, beside himself with joy.  As the two men walked from the golf course, they admired the beauty of the grass, the trees, the sky. In the course of the conversation, Paul posed a question, but there was no answer.  He turned in time to catch his companion by the tie as the businessman slumped into Paul's arms, dead.
Paul Rader was one of the most powerful evangelistic preachers of the early 20th Cen­tury. He de­scribed him­self as an “ex-bellboy, ex-cowboy, ex-prospector, ex-football player, and ex-pugilist.” He pas­tored Moo­dy Church in Chi­ca­go, Ill­i­nois (1915-1921)