Friday, December 9, 2011



One lady told of going into Walmart and sitting down because she was so short of breath and did not feel well. A tall man walked past her and immediately turned back and asked her, “Are you a Christian?”  When she answered “Yes, I am,” he asked her, “Would you mind if I pray for you right now?”  When she said she would be glad for his prayer he laid his hand on her and prayed out loud, right there in Walmart, for the Lord to touch and heal her of her distress.

If the Walmart greeter's theme is "How may I help you?" how much more should it be ours? 

That stirred my heart!  Isn’t this what the disciples did? They took the Gospel to the marketplace.  I believe that witnessing and soul winning are the indisputable responsibilities of every Christian.  When the Lord said to His servant,  “Go out into the highways and hedges, and compel them to come in, that my house may be filled,” I don’t think it was  just a meaningless

If we would focus on 
getting the church OUT to the people, 
maybe we would be more successful in 
getting the people INTO the church.

The prayer meeting ended. Women were moving about gathering song books, a speaker system and other necessities for a nursing home service. The church was about to go OUT to the people… to take the Gospel outside the four walls of the church. 

I was excited about the opportunity and walked outside toward my car. After only a few steps I noticed a stranger, a young man walking on the parking lot in my direction. 

“Hello!  Can I help you?” I asked. 

 “I need prayer,” he said, walking closer.  “I want God to forgive me for my sins. I don’t want to be like this anymore.”

Can you imagine someone walking up to you and saying such a thing? Wow! What more could you ask for? This was a soul winner’s joy. This was an open door to quickly walk through.  

“Well, you have come to the right place. Come with me. We've been in a prayer meeting. We will pray for you,” I told him as I directed him to the church door, but I found it already locked. 

Without hesitation I said, “Well, we can pray here. Just kneel down right here…” and as he knelt on the parking lot blacktop I laid my hands on his head and began to call on the Lord to save him, to forgive him, to change him and give him a new life.”  He was praying out loud too, asking the Lord to do it. By this time the ladies made their way outside and saw what was happening. They joined in praying as we witnessed the work of the Holy Spirit reaching down into the heart of a young man who has come out of a rough life in gangs, fighting and drugs.

Before we left him the youth pastor was sitting on the ground next to him, already doing some good follow up work.

How about it? Isn’t it time to get serious about touching lives for the Lord?  When you meet someone at the gas station and begin to witness to them, look for the opportunity to say, “Would it be all right if I pray for you right now?”  When that co-worker approaches you with his discouragements, reach for that moment to pray with him right there.  

There is power in prayer. Sometimes the tears will come immediately when that troubled person senses that you care enough to pray for them right there. Prayer can bring conviction, and a tenderness that can lead to further dealing with their heart. 

You can do it, if YOU WILL.

The harvest is all around you. The mission field has come to America. Sometimes we feel  like we are in another land when we walk the malls surrounded by what feels like a majority of people from different countries, speaking different languages. This is YOUR mission field NOW! 

Oh, Lord, put the flame of soul winning fire into the heart of all who read these words. Let this be the day when they boldly step out to give the Gospel to someone “in 
 the marketplace.” Friend, will you make a commitment right now to look for that opportunity today?

 “Lord, as I venture out today, lead me to some needy soul. Let me be sensitive to the voice of your Spirit today.”


Friday, December 2, 2011


"We've been here for two days," said three young men in front of Best Buy.  They had one more night to wait before the Black Friday deals began and were casually tossing a ball back and forth to pass the time.

One look at the scene of many tents and many people gathered in front of this store, and around the corner gripped my heart. "Just look at all these people!"  And it quickly hit me.... "What an opportunity!"

My husband and I had been driving around looking with wonder at the swarms of people sacrificing their comfort, their time, their other responsibilities, to sit, to just wait, with hope of gaining just one more cherished possession.

They had their tents supplied with heaters, blankets, food, and more. Children were mingled with the adults. 

"Honey, could you let me out of the car over where those first tents begin..?"  And I was on my way with a hand full of Christmas Million Dollar Tracts.

"Here's a Christmas million for you!"  "I have something better than you can get in that store. Here take this Christmas Million."  "Would you like a Christmas Million?"  

People loved them. They grabbed for them and showed them around. I was thoroughly enjoying the thrill and joy of giving the message of salvation to this crowd.  No one rejected them. I could see people everywhere reading them. They had little else to do and were glad to receive them. 

Days later I still feel excited that I dared to step out of my car and boldly approach that crowd. Would the heart of Jesus weep over them. No doubt most were lost souls... desperately needing the Gospel.  

Maybe that could be a good plan for more of us next Black Friday.

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Christmas Cash Text:

He’s making a list, he’s checking it twice... he’s gonna find out who’s naughty or nice! If Santa used the Ten Commandments for his standard, how would you do? Let's find out... Have you ever lied? Have you ever stolen anything? (No matter the value.) Ever used God's name in vain? Ever looked with lust? Jesus said, "Whosoever looks upon a woman to lust after her has committed adultery with her already in his heart."
If you are guilty of these things that makes you a lying, thieving, blasphemous, adulterer-at-heart. Many people don't know that God will use the Ten Commandments to judge the world. Forget about Santa, "naughty" and "nice"... how will you do on Judgment Day? If you are found guilty, that means an eternity in Hell... 2,000 years ago, God sent Jesus to the earth to pay for your sins. When Jesus died on the cross, He took the punishment that you deserve for breaking His Law (The Ten Commandments). God's wrath came down on Jesus, instead of on you. The Bible says, "God commands all men everywhere to repent, because God has appointed a day in which He will judge the world in righteousness."

Remember if you try to get to Heaven on your own, you must keep every Commandment in thought, word, and deed! Jesus paid the penalty for your sins on the cross. Then He defeated the power of sin and death when He rose from the grave. Confess and turn away from your sins. Place your faith in Jesus Christ alone and God will grant you eternal life. Read your Bible daily and obey what you read.

Thursday, September 29, 2011


There he stood with a defiant pose, off to the side of the mall's main entrance. 
We had just arrived to do some walking and some witnessing when we saw him. It was those long dreadlocks and his facial expression that made me wonder if I should approach him. I reached into my purse's tract supply and found what I wanted and headed towards him praying.

"Hi! How are you doing today?" I said with a smile.

He didn't smile, but stared at me and just said. "O.K."

"Has anyone ever lied to you?" I asked?

His interest seemed to perk up. Maybe he felt like a wrongfully oppressed person.

"Yeah!" he said with eyebrows raised . 

"Well then you really need to read this," I said as I handed him Mark Cahill's latest soulwinning booklet, The Second Greatest Lie Ever Told. 

He grabbed it, read the title and his face lit up with a big smile. "Yeah! Thanks alot!" he said, already glancing through the pages. 

I don't know what he was expecting, but God has a way to reach every desperate soul, if only we claim His promise of boldness and go. 

That's it! Just a simple act that got the gospel into the hands of  "who knows what kind of a person"  with "who know what kind of a life"- a soul for whom Jesus died. 

That booklet asks if the reader has ever been lied to. The most dangerous lie of all is the one that says there are many ways to heaven. So in this booklet, Mark Cahill  delves into the top nine religions in the world, to see what they teach about their god and what it takes to be right with that god, and what they teach about eternity. He examines Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism, Roman Catholicism, Mormonism, Sikhism, Jehovah’s Witness and Biblical Christianity. 

The booklet makes it obvious that these religions contradict each other. So how can a person know which is lying and which is telling the truth? Pointing the way to the evidences that prove the Bible to be true it leads the reader to the only one who can save them and take them to heaven. 

Jesus said,  "I am the way, the truth and the life; no man cometh unto the father, but by me. John 14:6 

Take courage today, Christian, and step out where the sinners are to bring the Gospel to them!

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Tuesday, September 27, 2011


This was the first time we used a laundromat washing machine that required two quarters in each slot to pay for the wash. We had put the single coins in and couldn't figure out why the machine wouldn't start. As we fiddled around with it a man seated nearby came over, hearing our confusion, and explained the process. That solved it. We were amazed to learn that the man was blind. His eyes appeared normal.  He had no dark glasses and seemed to make his way around the laundromat just fine. 

I immediately felt an inner urge to be able to speak to him about the Lord. I went out to our car and retrieved  my computer and the two hour story of the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus, including a salvation altar call at the end. He had put clothes in a drier and sat down, so I grabbed my computer and went over where he was. 

"Hi! Thanks for helping us with that washer. Can I sit here with my computer?"  He was glad to have company and we began to chat. 

"How long have you been blind?" I asked.

"Well, I'm not totally blind yet, I have very limited sight, but it's getting worse. It's been at its worst for the last six months. It's from diabetes."

I expressed sympathy and asked how it has effected his life.

"My life is destroyed." He said. "I've taught music all my life, and now I've lost my job.I've traveled the country playing my trumpet in night clubs and bars, churches and schools, but that's pretty much over now. I can't drive any more. I live with my 90 year old mother and do our laundry here each week."

I told him how Jesus could bring him peace in the time of difficulty; that he can forgive our sins and help us to forgive others, that He could make a way where there seems to be no way. 

I longed to reach him with the Gospel, but I could tell this was going to be a tough one. As the conversation continued he told me about a church that never paid him for his "show". He spread the word and won't go back there. That's when I mentioned that every church isn't a biblical church, just like everyone who calls himself a Christian may not be one. Jesus said, "Not everyone that sayeth unto me, Lord, Lord, will enter the kingdom of heaven, but he that doeth the will of my father which is in heaven."

"Yeah, I used to go to church. I know all about that. " and then he wandered off in another direction. 

I tried to draw him back to being prepared for eternity. 

"When you stand before the Lord in eternity, why should he let you into his heaven?"
It was easy to see that he was going to justify himself by his good deeds and living a decent life. 
 "Well have you ever told a lie?" I asked.

"Sure, but that was fifty years ago."  ( I wondered if that was an up-to-date lie!)

"Have you ever stolen anything." I continued.
"No! I have my own set of ethics and that's one thing I don't do."

"Well Jesus said that if a man even looks on a woman to lust after her he has already committed adultery in his heart.  Have you ever looked on a woman that way?" I dared to ask.

Laughing, he replied,  "Of course, I worked in night clubs!"

"So what are you going to do about those sins you just confessed?  How will you get rid of them?  No sin will enter heaven, and sin doesn't just disappear with time."

He stumbled around with words....

"The Bible tells us that the blood of Jesus Christ that was shed on the cross, is the only acceptable sacrifice to remove the sins of those who receive Him as Savior...."

I hardly got the sentence out of my mouth when he announced, "Oh, my laundry is done. I repent." 

And he walked away, still blinded in his eyes, and still in spiritual blindness. You don't win them all, but you pray that they will remember your words and that the Holy Spirit will continue to speak to their heart.  

He did seem thankful for the Jesus Story, and said he would listen to it at home.  Lord, don't let him forget our conversation.  As he hears more about you, Lord, please bring him to true repentance and salvation!

Never stop taking the opportunities that the Lord brings your way. He that goeth forth and weepeth, bearing precious seed shall doubtless come again with rejoicing, bring his sheaves with him!  Psalm 126: 6

Sunday, September 18, 2011


Today it was a Taco Bell in Illinois that became the mission field. 
After eating a taco I headed for the counter and saw two workers getting ready to do some cleaning. "Hey, guys I want to give you some of my favorite things... " and held out a handful of Chick tracts and told them they could pick. they did, and I asked how many more workers were back there. He counted out the names, and I let him pick one for each. He was heading back to give them each one.

Think of that...the Taco Bell clerk distributing gospel tracts to the rest of the staff! Wow, how easy that was, and what a simple opportunity to spread the good news.  Try it sometime!

We did the same thing with some Million Dollar Gospel tracts at another fast food restaurant. 
The girl who waited on us looked with amazement at the realistic looking tract and immediately held it up for one of her co-workers to see. I saw that he was really impressed with it also, so I said, "Well, you can have one too. Here. How many more workers are here tonight?"  He told me and I dished out one for each. When I left they were all smiling and saying "Thank You!"  It is exciting to let the Lord give you courage and boldness enough to step out and get those tracts into the hands of the lost. Let the Holy Ghost inspire and empower you to do it today!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Driving through Joplin, Missouri
after the devastating EF5 multiple-vortex tornado of 2011 was a haunting experience.  Entire blocks of houses and businesses were completely wiped out. The ground was flat with scattered twisted remains of what was once peoples' possessions. 

  At least 159 people were suddenly flung into eternity.The tomorrow they planned for never came for them. How horrifying for those who may not have been prepared. 

The day we came through we saw that tremendous efforts had already been made to clean up and start to put things back together. 
There was hope in the air. Construction crews were everywhere. Still numbed by the sights we had seen, we moved onward to catch a bite to eat for lunch at one of our favorite places, Wendi's. If you haven't discovered it yet, you ought to try the Pick-Two menu. We were sitting enjoying our Apple Pecan Chicken Salad, and chocolate Frosty when we observed all the workmen in the place.

Directly across from us sat a contractor's crew discussing their workload. Evidently the head man was  frustrated and upset. There were problems with some workers. He was disturbed by price gouging by some companies.

In the midst of his complaints he cursed and used the Lord's name in vain several times. I looked over at him with a facial expression that drew his attention and I simply said, "That is really rough Mister." He thought I meant his problems and began directing his conversation to me. I said, "No, what I mean is the way you talked about my God. He is my Savior. He died for me so I could have salvation." 

 Immediately he was apologetic, thanking me for stopping him, and calming him down. One by one his men left and he got up and came to our table and knelt down on one knee continuing to talk to us about insurance companies and banks and some contractors that were taking advantage of the crisis in Joplin, raising prices, and making financial decisions that were unfair to the tornado victims. He said some had tried to get him to raise his prices, but he refused, saying it was against his principle. 

All the while he kept apologizing for his language, saying he knew that was not right, and that he was so sorry. It was an ideal moment prepared by the Lord and we stepped into it by faith. 

Calling him by name we told him he should keep doing the right thing, regardless of what others do, because one day he would stand before God. The Bible says, So then, every one of us shall give account of himself to God. No one will escape. 

We asked him if we could pray for him, and he said "Yes." He took his hat off and bowed his head  And so, right there in Wendy's, with a contractor kneeling at our table we laid our hand on his shoulder and prayed that the Lord would help him to do what is right, and that his heart would open up to receive Christ as his Savior. "Lord," we earnestly prayed, "save him and let him live his life for you." 

 Only the Lord knows what happened in that man's heart at that moment, but we gave him Gospel literature as he left still sincerely thanking us for talking and praying with him. Save him, Lord! Follow him wherever he goes, and remind him of his need of salvation.

Thursday, August 11, 2011


W e could have wondered why it was taking so long to change our oil and rotate our tires, but it soon became apparent that God had His own plan at work.

A young man was seated in the waiting room as we entered and he kindly offered us the newspaper he was reading. It just so happened that as I got out of our car minutes earlier that my eyes fell on the “This Is Your Life” Chick Tract stuck in a side pocket of the car. I grabbed it hurriedly, but knew a few minutes later that this too was God’s planning, as I offered it to this young man, Randy.

We read the newspaper while observing Randy's thorough
reading of the tract. His face reflected serious thought as he slowly turned each page, and then reread some at the end.

After several minutes of silence,  I said, “That’s quite an interesting booklet.” “It sure is…,” he replied, “makes you do some thinking.”   

He soon admitted that he hadn’t been in church for many years, although his father is a pastor.  “It’s a Church of Christ and they stress water baptism, but my wife goes to a Baptist church. It’s all so confusing. The Church of Christ has no instruments, but their singing is so beautiful. I don’t like the loud music at my wife’s church… and all the words up on a screen. There’s so much that just doesn’t make me feel comfortable.”  We acknowledged the changes in churches today, but explained that there are still some old time conservative churches that preach the Gospel, and asked him if he had ever gone to a Pentecostal church. He had not but said his wife was willing to go to another church if it preached the Gospel, and if he would go.

We learned that Randy worked as an engineer and conductor on the railroad and was often away from home.   “And I suppose that keeps you away from church,” I said. “Well,” he replied, “that’s an excuse that I use. I know I should go to church.”

Brother Goodwin began to present the Gospel to him, salvation by faith in Christ, not by baptism, but as something that he really needs to consider. Randy was so responsive…speaking of fear of going to hell, and knowing he needed to make a choice. Even his face expressed inner turmoil and concern.

“What are you waiting for, Randy?,” we asked.  “What keeps someone like you from coming to the Lord and getting saved? Are you afraid to surrender to the Lord? If we are not surrendered, then we are saying, God I know I should, but I won’t. I want to go on my own way.”

“Well, “ he replied, “all of us sin a little every day.  I just don’t know what would happen if I surrendered.”

Brother Goodwin explained that we don’t have to sin every day, and that when Christ comes in, He changes us, makes us new persons, and the things we once loved and wanted to do, we suddenly feel bad about doing… The Holy Spirit convicts us, and causes us to repent and ask forgiveness..and as you grow in the Lord you will sin less and less… You won’t want to sin. You will have something so much better that fills you with the peace and joy of the Lord. We can’t do it on our own, but through Christ.

It seemed he was afraid he couldn’t live the life if he became a Christian, but realized his great need of being ready to meet the Lord.

“Randy,” God loves you very much…no doubt your parents are praying for you, and God caused you to be in this waiting room at the same time as two traveling evangelists who would tell you what we have told you. He is on your trail. He wants you to come to Him. Only God could have arranged our meeting.””I know I need it,” he replied.

Just then a very immodestly dressed woman came in and sat down. It was a clear distraction and as we prayed she left. Then the serviceman came and called Randy to his car. The enemy was seeking to keep Randy his own prisoner.

When Randy returned we again felt God pulling at this young man’s heart, but he was not yet willing.

“Randy,” we continued, “if you go from this place and make a decision for the Lord, will you please contact us and tell us?”  “I sure will,” he responded…”and thank you so much. I really appreciate what you have said to me.”

Brother Goodwin gave him a hug as he went on his way to his car. Our prayers have been for Randy who was clearly under conviction. May God save his soul!

Monday, August 8, 2011


Often Brother Goodwin and I go into malls in search of people to witness to. We see a mass of humanity, hurrying on their way to eternity with no hope of salvation. We arm ourselves with tracts, new testaments, Jesus DVD's, and start walking. Recently during one such mall trip we were able to witness to people from Costa Rica, the Philippines, India, and Mexico. The harvest field is at our doors. The world has come to America. We can almost hear Jesus tell us today, "Go ye into all the malls and preach the gospel." All the gods of this world are there, and we have the saving, delivering message that they need..

As I walked I came upon an Indian man selling at a kiosk. He was busily working on his cell phone when i approached him and said, "It looks like you are an expert at texting. Your fingers are moving as fast as lightning." That brought some laughter and broke the ice. I asked if he was from India and after his positive response I told him about some friends that we had in India.

"Do you speak another language besides English?" I asked him and learned that he spoke several, including Hindi. I knew that this was one of the languages on the Jesus DVD, and showed it to him, telling him I wanted him to have it as a gift. He was happy to see his language included, and then told me.

"I am happy to see this about Jesus, for I have been researching about Him. I am a Hindu, but I believe in Jesus, and His name keeps coming to me. I know He is real."

What a great joy it was to continue this conversation with this young man. He was so sincere and interested in learning more. Our invitation to come to church was received positively, and I believe he will come. I was able to leave him with the booklet, "The Second Greatest Lie Ever Told" by Evangelist Mark Cahill. It is an excellent booklet describing the beliefs of the major world religions, and the lie that there are many roads leading to heaven. The author shows that there is only One way.... Jesus and provides an invitation to receive Salvation. My heart rejoiced over this tremendous opportunity to urge a hungry soul to come to know the Lord Jesus Christ.

 As we were concluding out conversation I saw an amazing sight out of the corner of my eye, and just had to turn to see if what I thought I saw was really what was standing there. The moment I fully saw these two young men my heart was stirred to reach them for the Lord. 

One stood tall,  with long black hair, dark black makeup around his eyes, one eye superimposed with a strange gothic type eye contact lens. His face was filled with many piercings, also on his tongue. He wore gothic type pants with chains and straps. The other young man seemed to be a follower.

I turned away from my Indian friend and reached out and touched the gothic young man on the arm.. He looked at me and I walked up to him with a smile and said, “Wow!  How did you get this way?” “How long did all of this take you”?   He replied, “About 2 years. I am a piercer and a tattoo artist.” 
“Well,” I said, “ I couldn’t help but notice you, and I’d like to give you a gift of a two hour DVD of the greatest story ever told.” He took the DVD, looked down and saw the title, “JESUS” printed in large letters all across the cover.
“Oh," he said, I Know all about Jesus. Give it to him. He’s an atheist.”     He handed it to his friend, the little guy.
And I said, “Oh, no! You need one too… and I have another one, so here you take this one. You see, Jesus is the one we will all have to bow and submit to someday…The Bible says, Every knee shall bow….  He loves you and will save you if you will come to Him.
It's not enough to "know all about Jesus". That won't save you! The devil even knows all about Jesus, and what he knows makes him tremble, but he's not saved, and isn't going to heaven. But you can know Jesus in a greater way than just in your can know Him in your heart when you surrender your life to Him.
Both of these young men received the DVD's and gave me permission to take their picture. You can see each of them holding the JESUS DVD in their hands. Pray that they will truly come to know this Jesus and be born again by the Spirit of God.
It was Bob Pierce who long ago wrote a book entitled, "Let My Heart Be Broken With The Things That Break The Heart Of God."  God is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance and salvation. The same blood of Jesus that was shed for you, was shed for these two young men, and can save them too.

Thursday, August 4, 2011


Do you think you can't do anything for the Lord? You're not trained, not capable? Just let the Lord have all of you that there is and you will be amazed at how He will use your life. Listen to this amazing example of that very thing:

I read today about  a preacher leaving a big outdoor crusade and seeing a young boy standing on the road in the dark. The preacher stopped and the boy asked him to please pray for him to receive the baptism of the Holy Ghost. Laying hands on him he asked the Lord to do that for him and they parted ways. That boy felt like he was walking on air as he made his way through the bush all night long.

 Arriving in his village he saw a momma carrying her dying child. She had already lost one to disease. Something happened in this boy's heart. He felt he had to pray for this child, and when he did the child suddenly became alert and wanted to play. He asked for food to eat. The mother shrieked and danced, and ran to the chief's house to tell him.

When that young man arrived at his home a message came for him to go the the chief's house. He was frightened, had never been in such a powerful man's house before. The chief said he heard how God had healed this lady's child, and that his daughter was very sick across the village. Would he please go pray for her also?

At that daughter's hut it was very dark. It took a while to see the form of this girl on the floor...all crippled up and ready to die. She had never walked in her life. Just then the power of God hit that girl and she leaped up, running, completely healed.....    It began a great revival in that village, with that newly saved young man anointed by the Holy Ghost, preaching the Gospel. 



Why do you think Jesus saved you?

First, to know and love Him with all your heart.

Second... to be instrumental in telling others about Him.

Here I am in the middle of this picture with the girls in the last senior class I taught at Free Gospel Bible Institute.  What a great bunch! Now I want to know what you are doing for the Lord!!  You probably never thought you'd wind up on my blog, but here you are... just a handful of precious young ladies... ladies who can be handmaidens of the Lord. I pray that you are all obeying the great commission and purpose of your salvation: Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel.  I already know that some of you have been out there in the harvest, sowing and reaping. I'd love to hear about it right here on this blog.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


I saw him walking past me in the mall and instantly wanted to talk to him. The picture doesn't clearly show all the piercings on his face, between his eyes, on his cheeks, lips, and nose. His eyes were boldly made up with black, matching his long hair. Chains and other metal adorned his pants. I supposed he was a Goth.

Jesus made no distinction between the rich, the poor, the moral, the immoral, the proud, the despised... His compassion took him to all of them with hope and salvation..  Sometimes he was received, sometimes he was rejected. Does the thought of rejection stop you from witnessing?

How would you approach this young man if your goal was to witness to him about Jesus?  You tell me your thoughts, and then I will tell you what happened that day.

To read what happened that day, look at the blog from August 8, 2011, where I tell about the surprise response from a Hindu.

Sunday, July 31, 2011



Once when we were in revival in Bealeton, Virginia, I had occasion to go to Blooms grocery store. As I approached the entrance I saw two men seated on a bench smoking and chatting. It would be easy to just continue walking past all the people we observe on our way to take care of daily responsibilities, and it is easy to miss the very quick inner suggestion to give then a tract or to witness to them. It is such a quiet and fleeting thought, but how valuable it would be for each of us to nurture our recognition of that leading of the Holy Spirit. You don't always see dynamic results, but you are planting eternal seeds that someone else may water and reap. It was not difficult to change directions and head over to these gentlemen. With a smile I greeted them. "Hi! How are you doing today? I'd like to give you something that I think is very important." They looked at me wondering, as I handed each of them Gospel tracts. They were happy to receive them and even thanked me. Now, was that hard to do? Of course not! The history of literature evangelism proves that multitudes come to know the Lord through the printed page.

In our travels we stopped to get gas at a truck stop and I noticed a rough looking group standing outside the store. One big dark guy was decked with jewelry and flashy clothes. The three acted suspicious, with their eyes darting in all directions as if watching their surroundings and keeping alert to who was nearby. Was it a drug deal in the making? As I watched the scene from inside our car it appeared that something shady was going on. There was no doubt in my mind that here were people who needed the Lord. It was daylight, and there were plenty of people going in and out of the store, so I grabbed my purse and searched my tract supply, chose several and headed straight toward them. They quickly noticed me heading for them and watched my every move. With my eyes focused on them and my heart focused on the power of Spirit of God, I approached them with a smile and a greeting that interrupted their activities. "Hi! Are you having a good day?" I didn't wait for an answer and really didn't expect one. "Here's something that will give you an even greater day!" I quickly handed Gospel tracts to each of them and kept moving into the store. Their empty stares revealed the misery that is in the path of those who journey the dark road of sin. I was full of joy that I had just invaded the devil's territory with the written message of Jesus Christ who will deliver all who come to Him.

It was oil change time and that always puts us in the customer waiting area and in contact with other waiting customers. Sitting there I noticed a man who appeared to be from India. He had a red mark in the middle of his forehead. I understand that in Hinduism these marks are called  "tilaka" or "bindi" and symbolize the "third eye, or mind's eye, that is associated with many Hindu gods and the idea of meditation and spiritual enlightenment".

As I watched this gentleman my desire grew to talk to him about the Lord. I felt somewhat intimidated thinking he might reject the Gospel, so I prayed for guidance from the Lord. Just then he got up and left. My heart fell with disappointment and I prayed, "Lord, send him back and I'll witness to him." I was glad when he returned and stood near us. I kept watching him hoping to make eye contact with him and greet him. It happened, and with a smile I said, "Waiting! That's what we just have to do!" It started the conversation for me, and he replied, "Yes, they told me it would be thirty minutes, but I'm still waiting."  I stepped closer to him and asked, "Are you from India?" "Yes!" he replied. So I told him we have friends from India, from Kerala, and Bombay, and other places. 'Oh, yes" he responded with recognition, beginning to describe their locations and where he was from.

"Do you get to go back very often?" I asked.
"I went last year to visit my mother. We have been in America since 1997,"  he explained.
We continued to converse about India, and then the time seemed right, so I reached into my purse for a "Jesus DVD" (which is a 2 hour presentation, in a thousand languages, of the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus, ending with an invitation to receive Christ as Savior.) I offered it to him as a gift, and he took it and looked at all the languages. Suddenly he excitedly pointed to one written with Indian characters and said, "That's my language!"
Soon his car was ready and he left thanking me for talking to him, and for the DVD.
It was a joy to witness his acceptance of this Gospel presentation, and I was happy that he did not reject it. I often think of people after I witness to them and give them a tract or other form of Gospel message. I think of them reading or viewing the material, and what effect it might have on them. Together, Brother Goodwin and I often pray that the many Gospel seeds that are planted will be watered by the Holy Spirit, and bring forth an abundant harvest. It will be our greatest joy to someday see some of these people in heaven!


We had no idea that Merridian, Mississippi would be the place where we would find her! This Hotel had a great free breakfast including omelets made to order, and she sure could make them! She was a sweet little lady, friendly, and carefully observing us. She seemed to like what she saw and that made my approach to her so much easier. "Something" about us attracted her to us. Isn't that the way it is supposed to be for Christians? There should be "something" about us that doesn't drive people away from us, but draws them to us, so we can present Christ to them. That "something" is Jesus inside us!
When things were slower and I felt she had time to talk, I went over to her as she was cleaning up her table, and pans. I asked her if she went to church, and she replied, "Not enough!" That opened the way to tell her that the Lord cared about her and has sent us to invite her to give her life to Jesus. She allowed me to come back into the kitchen area with her and there I was able to pray for her, and with her to settle her relationship with God.
We later found a Pentecostal pastor's wife working in one of the local restaurants, and told her about this lady so she could follow up and hopefully get her in church.
The harvest is great,  and it is exciting to have opportunity to reap it for the Lord!