Sunday, July 31, 2011



Once when we were in revival in Bealeton, Virginia, I had occasion to go to Blooms grocery store. As I approached the entrance I saw two men seated on a bench smoking and chatting. It would be easy to just continue walking past all the people we observe on our way to take care of daily responsibilities, and it is easy to miss the very quick inner suggestion to give then a tract or to witness to them. It is such a quiet and fleeting thought, but how valuable it would be for each of us to nurture our recognition of that leading of the Holy Spirit. You don't always see dynamic results, but you are planting eternal seeds that someone else may water and reap. It was not difficult to change directions and head over to these gentlemen. With a smile I greeted them. "Hi! How are you doing today? I'd like to give you something that I think is very important." They looked at me wondering, as I handed each of them Gospel tracts. They were happy to receive them and even thanked me. Now, was that hard to do? Of course not! The history of literature evangelism proves that multitudes come to know the Lord through the printed page.

In our travels we stopped to get gas at a truck stop and I noticed a rough looking group standing outside the store. One big dark guy was decked with jewelry and flashy clothes. The three acted suspicious, with their eyes darting in all directions as if watching their surroundings and keeping alert to who was nearby. Was it a drug deal in the making? As I watched the scene from inside our car it appeared that something shady was going on. There was no doubt in my mind that here were people who needed the Lord. It was daylight, and there were plenty of people going in and out of the store, so I grabbed my purse and searched my tract supply, chose several and headed straight toward them. They quickly noticed me heading for them and watched my every move. With my eyes focused on them and my heart focused on the power of Spirit of God, I approached them with a smile and a greeting that interrupted their activities. "Hi! Are you having a good day?" I didn't wait for an answer and really didn't expect one. "Here's something that will give you an even greater day!" I quickly handed Gospel tracts to each of them and kept moving into the store. Their empty stares revealed the misery that is in the path of those who journey the dark road of sin. I was full of joy that I had just invaded the devil's territory with the written message of Jesus Christ who will deliver all who come to Him.

It was oil change time and that always puts us in the customer waiting area and in contact with other waiting customers. Sitting there I noticed a man who appeared to be from India. He had a red mark in the middle of his forehead. I understand that in Hinduism these marks are called  "tilaka" or "bindi" and symbolize the "third eye, or mind's eye, that is associated with many Hindu gods and the idea of meditation and spiritual enlightenment".

As I watched this gentleman my desire grew to talk to him about the Lord. I felt somewhat intimidated thinking he might reject the Gospel, so I prayed for guidance from the Lord. Just then he got up and left. My heart fell with disappointment and I prayed, "Lord, send him back and I'll witness to him." I was glad when he returned and stood near us. I kept watching him hoping to make eye contact with him and greet him. It happened, and with a smile I said, "Waiting! That's what we just have to do!" It started the conversation for me, and he replied, "Yes, they told me it would be thirty minutes, but I'm still waiting."  I stepped closer to him and asked, "Are you from India?" "Yes!" he replied. So I told him we have friends from India, from Kerala, and Bombay, and other places. 'Oh, yes" he responded with recognition, beginning to describe their locations and where he was from.

"Do you get to go back very often?" I asked.
"I went last year to visit my mother. We have been in America since 1997,"  he explained.
We continued to converse about India, and then the time seemed right, so I reached into my purse for a "Jesus DVD" (which is a 2 hour presentation, in a thousand languages, of the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus, ending with an invitation to receive Christ as Savior.) I offered it to him as a gift, and he took it and looked at all the languages. Suddenly he excitedly pointed to one written with Indian characters and said, "That's my language!"
Soon his car was ready and he left thanking me for talking to him, and for the DVD.
It was a joy to witness his acceptance of this Gospel presentation, and I was happy that he did not reject it. I often think of people after I witness to them and give them a tract or other form of Gospel message. I think of them reading or viewing the material, and what effect it might have on them. Together, Brother Goodwin and I often pray that the many Gospel seeds that are planted will be watered by the Holy Spirit, and bring forth an abundant harvest. It will be our greatest joy to someday see some of these people in heaven!


We had no idea that Merridian, Mississippi would be the place where we would find her! This Hotel had a great free breakfast including omelets made to order, and she sure could make them! She was a sweet little lady, friendly, and carefully observing us. She seemed to like what she saw and that made my approach to her so much easier. "Something" about us attracted her to us. Isn't that the way it is supposed to be for Christians? There should be "something" about us that doesn't drive people away from us, but draws them to us, so we can present Christ to them. That "something" is Jesus inside us!
When things were slower and I felt she had time to talk, I went over to her as she was cleaning up her table, and pans. I asked her if she went to church, and she replied, "Not enough!" That opened the way to tell her that the Lord cared about her and has sent us to invite her to give her life to Jesus. She allowed me to come back into the kitchen area with her and there I was able to pray for her, and with her to settle her relationship with God.
We later found a Pentecostal pastor's wife working in one of the local restaurants, and told her about this lady so she could follow up and hopefully get her in church.
The harvest is great,  and it is exciting to have opportunity to reap it for the Lord!