Saturday, March 15, 2014


Dr. Rader went to visit a prominent businessman to speak to him about his soul.  The man cursed him violently and threw Dr. Rader out of his office.

The next day, Paul was guided to return and visit the same man again.  

As Paul called for a second appointment, he found that the man was not in.  He traced him to a golf course.

Paul Rader tramped over much of the course without a club or caddie.   After searching unsuccessfully for some time, he began to feel foolish. 

Finally, he saw the belligerent businessman on a distant green.

Paul bowed his head to pray for wisdom before pursuing the man.

Suddenly, he heard a voice.  The man had spotted him and was yelling.

“Paul Rader, what are you doing here?”

Paul fumbled for words. “I, uh, I…I got your telegram.”                   

“You didn’t get my telegram,” the man shouted.  “I destroyed it!”

Paul replied, “I…I mean the one God sent me.”

Incredulously, the man answered, “God must have sent it, because I’ve gone through hell this past night, and I promised God that I would get right with Him if He would send you after me once more.” The businessman handed his clubs to his partner. 

By this time, of course, Paul stood beside him.  He knelt on that golf course green and there, led by Paul, became a “new creature in Christ.”

The man stood to his feet, beside himself with joy.  As the two men walked from the golf course, they admired the beauty of the grass, the trees, the sky. In the course of the conversation, Paul posed a question, but there was no answer.  He turned in time to catch his companion by the tie as the businessman slumped into Paul's arms, dead.
Paul Rader was one of the most powerful evangelistic preachers of the early 20th Cen­tury. He de­scribed him­self as an “ex-bellboy, ex-cowboy, ex-prospector, ex-football player, and ex-pugilist.” He pas­tored Moo­dy Church in Chi­ca­go, Ill­i­nois (1915-1921)